New Website – New Vibes

It was a long, hard task, but I’m so proud to welcome every visitor to my new website!

Let me introduce myself!
I’m Giorgia Lanza, professional creative since 2013.

My artistic carrier began almost by chance! In my teenage years, I was attending a scientific high school, when my ever-lasting passion for art won over my attempts to get myself a “normal and safe” life, at last.
While attending the fourth year, I also went studying at a private comic art school in Turin. There, while my self-taught me struggled to learn how to do basic anatomy and perspective, I explored different media, specially digital drawing.
A teacher of mine noticed I had a good touch with digital coloring (even if nowadays I ask myself if they needed an eye-surgery, because my skills were so terrible I can’t believe they liked them ahah) and asked me if I wanted to collaborate on a project of theirs.

Hungry for new experiences I accepted, suddenly finding myself in the amazing world of comic coloring. I say “amazing” because I absolutely love the subject, but I have to admit working for the Italian comic industry was really painful. Young me soon learnt what meant to catch every single bread crumb of opportunity, in a country were artistic professionals are looked down on still to these days.

A pity, isn’t it? The country which boasts Leonardo DaVinci and other indisputable art Masters, considers modern artists like a total lack of usefulness.

That’s the reason why my “incubation” as a real professional (capabale of living thanks to my freelance efforts only) was long and frustrating. But I kept on trying, investing in many collaborations with workmates and friends, working hard to improve my skills and build a convincing portfolio.

Sad but true, all good news came when I started working mainly with international clients: CMON Limited, Marvel, Lego, Disney. Big companies for big challenges, and my carrier had the very first satisfying boost.

Currently, I still work mainly as a colorist (not only for comics), but I also developed other creative skills that allow me to apply to a wide variety of jobs. Illustration and character design are my top alternatives, even if I’m not as fast and functional as I am with colors yet.

I take advantage of my polivalent experience to teach “Concept Art and Digital Art” in a private art school, called Even Horizon School (Turin and Milan).

I had a website already, but I had it done many years ago, when I had an awfully dark/emo taste for layouts ahaha.
With this new brighter and lighter interface, I feel like my works have a new, cozy home to get proudly displayed and I can’t wait to update it with all my new upcoming projects, both personal and not.

Thanks A LOT for visiting!