Hey there!
Welcome to this short blog entry, where I want to give you a couple details about the LEARN HOW section you can find in the website menu, just below the PORTFOLIO one.

This area was thought to display all the art tutorials I create.

Since I’m also a teacher in a private art school (Event Horizon School), I’m used to documenting my processes and discuss my workflow. Sometimes, I gather some extra material from my personal projects and put them together into a short video tutorial, which I usually publish on Youtube.

This LEARN HOW section will feature all of them.
Soon I’ll also use it to publish some purchasable online video-courses, but for now all the material you can see there is totally free.

As you can see in the thumbnails on right, there are “language labels“.
I’m not an English mother-tongue, but I do my best to make all material in English. You’ll also find videos dubbed in Italian and that’s because sometimes clients who commission them (yes, that’s an other service I provide) are locals and have no real interest in getting English-spoken medias.
When I’ll create new video courses, I’ll be sure to make them as international as possible… you’ll have to bear some rusty “Italenglish” at worst!

If you’re interested in this kind of materials, be sure to follow me on my social pages, where I publish all updates regarding my work! Thanks a lot for your attention!