AMIGURUMI PATTERN: the PinCushion Whale

Hi everybody!
This is kind of an unusual post for me, but I’m so proud to confess I have a new obsession: crochet amigurumi!

Recently I’ve been discovering the joy of artisanal crafting, exploring different boundaries of what we can conventionally define “creativeness“.
I make soap, I randomly do some wood sculpting, but most of all I create crochet puppets. Even if I’m still a beginner, I wanted to try making a free crochet pattern just to challenge myself with a new kind of media!

To every crochet artist who’s visiting my website, be my super welcome guest!
I’m Giorgia Lanza and I’m a professional colorist and character designer… and now, a wannabe crochet pattern creator as well!

I really hope you enjoy my creations!
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I really hope you found this interesting, and I hope it was clearly written.
If you have any doubts, feel free to contact me at

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