AMIGURUMI PATTERN: Susie the Fennec Fox

Hello fellow crochet enthusiasts!
I’m so so happy to announce that no, crochet isn’t a temporary crush for me, but a real new fixation! I found a new hobby and I’m having the time of my life.
Much has changed since my very first blog post, back when I was moving my first shy steps.

Now I’m super proud to announce my creations can be found on:

_my INSTAGRAM page, where I publish nice pics of all my creations;
_my ETSY store for my custom patterns;
_my YOUTUBE channel, where I’ll publish tutorials, challenges and whatever content I’ll feel like creating while exploring this amazing media!

I really want to thank every single person who gave me their heartwarming support, by sharing, commenting, liking or even commissioning me some custom creations! You make this whole experience even better!

But without further ado, let’s proceed with our new crochet challenge, Susie! Enjoy!

Here we are! I really hope you are proud of what you created!
Feel free to contact me at or via my IG page if you have any questions, and PLEASE share a pic of your creation with me! I want to meet Susie’s whole family!

Consider visiting my Youtube channel for extra contents and tutorials.

This video here is particularly important and I warmly recommend watching it, because it’s a detailed video tutorial (with live demo) of what I think is the best method TO WASH your amigurumi creations!

We don’t want to put so much effort in the making, for then ruining them when it’s cleaning time, do we?

Thank you so so so much for your amazing support!